giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Fashion Parade: Giugno/ June 2013

In un ritardo imbarazzante (diciamo GRAZIE tutti insieme alla sessione estiva) ecco la consueta carrellata dei look che ho immortalato sul mio profilo facebook e instagram durante il mese di giugno. Here we go!

In an embarassing lateness (let's say THANK YOU all together to summer exams session) here it is the selection of the outfits I captured in June for my instagram and facebook profile. Here we go!

cream ‪‎blazer‬ by ‪‎H&M‬, ‪‎sweater‬ by local store, long ‪‎tanktop‬ by H&M, ‪‎skinny‬ ‪‎jeans‬ by ‪Terranova, ‪‎mouse‬ ‪‎flats‬ by local store, ‪‎tote‬ bag by ‪‎Lacoste‬, ‪‎teddybear‬ and ‪‎duck‬ ‪‎charm‬ ‪‎necklace

blue and white ‪stripes‬ ‪shirt‬ by ‪H&M Kids‬, ‪‎capri‬ ‪‎pants‬ by ‪#Zara‬, red and white stripes ‪#flats‬ by ‪Coffeebay‬, red ‪belt‬ by ‪Colours and Beauty‬, red wooden bangles by fleamarket, ‪#leather‬ ‪#bracelet‬ ‪#watch‬ gifted, ‪#satchel‬ ‪‎bag‬ by ‪Lancetti‬.

 ‪sweatshirt‬ ‪‎blazer‬ by ‪MET‬, ‪oversized‬ ‪tshirt‬ by H&M‬, ‪waxed‬ ‪‎skinny‬ by H&M, ‪geometrical‬ ‪‎earrings‬ gifted, ‪silver‬ charms gifted, ‪balenciaga‬ ‪‎citygiant‬ ‪‎inspiredbag‬.

‎shirt‬ by ‪H&M Kids‬, ‪‎tanktop‬ by H&M‬, ‪skinny‬ by Terranova‬, ‪satchel‬ ‪bag‬ by Lancetti‬, ‪earrings‬ by ‪H&M‬, ‪‎wooden‬ ‪bangles‬ by fleamarket.

 ‪skull‬ ‪tshirt‬ ‪DIY‬ by me, ‪‎tanktop‬, ‪waxed‬ ‪skinny‬, ‪rings‬ and ‪saddlebag‬ by H&M‬, ‪cuff‬ and ‪necklace‬ by ‪ASOS‬, ‎sneakers‬ by Pony‬.

sheer ‪blouse‬ by ‪H&M‬, ‪polkadots‬ ‪denim‬ by ‪H&M Kids‬, flat ‪sandals‬ by local store, big ‪bangle‬ by ‪Sal Y Limon, shiny bangle by ‪Swarosky‬, ‪necklace‬ by ASOS‬, ‪bag‬ by ‪Lancetti‬.

tshirt‬ by ‪Zuiki‬, ‪capri‬ ‪‎pants‬ by ‪Terranova‬, ‪flats‬ by ‪H&M‬, ‪necklace‬ by ‪Sodini‬, shiny ‪bangle‬ by Swarosky‬, ‪‎watch‬ by ‪Guess‬, ‪bag‬ by ‪Lancetti‬.

‎shirt‬ by ‪Zuiki‬, ‪skinny‬ by ‪Terranova‬, ‪wooden‬ flat ‪sandals‬ by local store, ‪earrings‬ and ‪statement ring‬ by OVS Industry‬, ‪bracelet‬ by ‪Chronotech‬, ‪watch‬ by ‪Guess‬, ‪balenciaga‬ ‪‎citygiant‬ ‪inspired bag‬.

‎dress‬ by local store, ‪braided‬ ‪‎belt‬, ‪‎bag‬ and ‪‎gladiator‬ ‪‎sandals‬ by ‪H&M‬, ‪‎flowers‬ ‪pendant‬ by ‪‎me4me.

DIY‬ ‪distressed‬ ‪‎tshirt‬, ‪tanktop‬ by H&M‬, ‪shorts‬ by Zara‬, ‪cage‬ ‪sandals‬ by eBbay‬, ‪cuff‬ by ‪ASOS‬, ‪statement ring‬ by OVS Industry‬, ‪bangles‬ by ‪Primark‬, ‪studs‬ ‪saddle bag‬ by H&M

 ‪‎mini dress‬, ‪‎gladiator‬ ‪‎sandals‬, ‪‎saddlebag‬, ‪‎braided‬ belt, ‪chain‬ ‪ring‬ by H&M‬, ‎bangles‬ and ‪‎necklace‬ by OVS Industry‬.

 thin ‪stripes‬ ‪dress‬ by H&M‬, ‪sandals‬ and ‎bag‬ by local store, ‎watch‬ by Guess‬.

 ‪cut out‬ ‪‎distressed‬ ‪‎tshirt‬ ‪DIY‬ by me, ‪tanktop‬ by H&M‬, ‪denim‬ ‪‎shorts‬ by local store, ‪heels‬ ‪sandals‬ by ‪Why‬ ‪Alberto Venturini‬, mini ‪bag‬ by ‪Carpisa‬.

 ‪‎top‬ by H&M‬, ‪shorts‬ by Zara‬, gold‬ ‪‎jewellery‬ ‪‎necklaces‬ and ‪‎bracelet‬, ‪‎chain‬ ‪ring‬ by H&M, ‪cage‬ ‪‎boots‬ by ‪eBay‬, ‪saddlebag‬ by H&M.

top by ‪Zuiki‬, ‪capri‬ ‎pants‬ by Terranova‬, ‪heels‬ by ‪eBay UK, ‪bangle‬ by ‪ASOS‬, ‪earrings‬ by ‪H&M‬, mini ‪tote‬ ‪‎bag‬ by ‪Carpisa‬.

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  1. Mi piace molto l'outfit con la maglia bordeaux. Accessori azzeccatissimi ;)
    Se ti va passa a trovarci <3